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MSubreel is a SaaS virtuoso, crafting and scaling systems with 10x expertise in software engineering.

Meet MSubreel

MSubreel goes by the name Mohammed-Subreel Abdulai. With a distinguished career expanding over 6 years, MSubreel stands as a seasoned software engineer celebrated for his proficiency in developing dynamic websites and applications. His expertise spans the entirety of full-stack development, showcasing mastery in technologies like Blockchain, Python, Node.js, React, Next.js, and React Native, complemented by a strong foundation in problem-solving and system design.

As a visionary Techpreneur, MSubreel has consistently spearheaded groundbreaking innovations, including leading the development of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform through CoinsKart, as well as the creation of Ultimate Dagbaini Dictionary & a School Management System under KartAfrica, among other notable achievements.

Expanding the horizons of his diverse skill set, MSubreel embraces the role of a Content Creator with a profound philosophy: "What is the point of having knowledge and keeping it to yourself?"

Driven by a sincere longing for the betterment of lives, he is deeply concerned about the state of Africa and its governance challenges. Motivated by a fervent desire for positive change, he navigates each day with a clear purpose—to make the world a better place. Beyond his prowess as a coder, he embodies the essence of a philosopher, rendering him a fascinating individual to engage with.

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''While I may not claim to be the absolute best, I take pride in my proficiency and excellence in what I do.''
- Mohammed-Subreel Abdulai



These are a few of the projects MSubreel spearheaded and still works on.

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